13 tourist homes with licenses



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13 Apartments with tourist licenses.


Nature: Urban




Address: C/ENTENÇA, 98




Nº Plant               M^2   Farm                   Value


1 B.        1ª         76,5           29040                 767.272,00 €

2 B.        2ª         73,54         29041                 744.095,00 €

3 1º 1ª                49,93         29042                 585.927,00 €

4 1º 2ª                57,18         29043                 592.603,00 €

5 1º 3ª                46,18         29044                 505.703,00 €

6 2º 1ª                56,71         29045                 591.119,00 €

7 2º 2ª                57,18         29046                 597.054,00 €

8 3º 1ª                56,71         29048                 595.941,00 €

9 3º 2ª                57,18         29049                 603.731,00 €

10 4º 2ª              62,37         29052                 624.960,00 €

11 4º 3ª              79,48         29053                 801.312,00 €

12 5º 1ª              56,71         29054                 606.325,00 €

13 5º 2ª               56,35        29055                 648.958,00 €


Appraisal value of apartments: 8.565.000,00 €


Appraisal Value of Tourist Licenses: 325.000,00 €



Minimum value of BID lot: 4.552.700,00 €



There is currently a lease contract in favour of a company for a period of 36 months calculated from December 2018 for an amount of 15,000.00 euros per month,


being necessary for its exploitation the Tourist Licenses included in this lot.








Applicable Norms




A) All taxes, rates and duties of any kind relating to the award, sale or transfer of the property shall be borne by the successful bidder, including the municipal capital gains tax;


B) All the expenses caused by the disposal of the assets shall be borne by the party awarded the contract, including those of cancellation in any public registry of the charges or encumbrances established on them;


C) The successful bidders of the property shall expressly waive any claim for the state of the assets of the bankrupt companies, including the action of cleaning up for hidden defects. To this end, interested parties who expressly request it will be allowed to check the state of the assets beforehand.



 Pack content


 Inspection of items or goods at auction will be carried out at the location where they are located, within a period of 2 to 7 days before the date of the auction. Always by appointment.


Grade A: Excellent condition.

Grade B: Good condition.

Grade C: Pre-Owned.

Grade D: With defects.

Grade E: With breaks or does not work.

Grade F: Poor state.


The payment of the auction will be awarded within 7 business days after winning the auction.


All items or assets awarded will be collected by the winner of the auction at the place where they are located and will bear all costs of disassembly and transportation.



Tel. 601 01 00 07

Tel. 956 00 44 42

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13 tourist homes with licenses

13 tourist homes with licenses